When a tooth develops a cavity, the appropriate treatment is a dental filling. The tooth is first properly cleansed and prepared, to eliminate any infection. The diseased area is then filled with a dental filling. Dentists used to use metal fillings to complete this procedure. Pleasant Grove Dental performs this procedure with the most up to date methods using composite white fillings that are metal free.

Composite fillings have several benefits over their metal counterpart.

  1. Composite white fillings are far more cosmetically appealing (see image) than metal fillings.  Most people won’t even notice that the filling is there.
  2. Metal fillings can damage the teeth unlike composite fillings.  Metal can expand from heat and contract from cold.  This movement can weaken the tooth wall leading to fracture and possible tooth decay.  Composite fillings have no metal and therefore not temperature sensitive.
  3. Metal fillings may contain mercury that could lead to long term health problems.
  4. Composite fillings do not rely on strict preparation.  Many times they can be done after simply removing the diseased tissue.

Composite white fillings are a more reliable, durable, and attractive alternative to metal fillings.  Pleasant Grove Dental is dedicated to providing the best care possible and composite fillings will provide are patients with a stronger tooth and a more beautiful smile!

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