Porcelain veneers are the most conservative aesthetic restorationsavailable in dentistry today. For this to be possible, a thin layer of the front of the tooth is removed through drilling to allow the porcelain veneers to be bonded to the tooth without making it any thicker. Similar in a way to an artificial fingernail, dental veneers can cover dark or yellow teeth, or any teeth with an aesthetic problem. It can be indicated for all kinds of aesthetic issues such as unsightly gaps, lengthen short or stubby teeth, straighten crooked teeth, and in general creates a more attractive smile. They are perfect cosmetic considerations and unlike artificial fingernails, porcelain teeth veneers are more permanent. These are attached to the teeth using the most advanced methods of bonding principles.

Porcelain veneers may be indicated for the following issues:

  • It can mask stains and discolorations that a tooth or a few teeth may have developed over the years.
  • It can closes gaps or spaces in between teeth.
  • It can straighten or align teeth that are crooked, tilted, rotated or may be facing all kinds of issues.
  • It can give patients a more permanent solution to a whiter and more attractive smile.

A tooth that is prescribed with porcelain veneers will require some tooth reduction. The facial surface of the tooth is prepared and a dental impression is taken so that a cast or mold can be created from it. The dental veneers are fabricated over the prepared tooth. The prosthetics, almost as thin as artificial fingernails, provide artificial covering that is cemented over the tooth to provide aesthetic transformations to the patients smile.

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